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JOIN THE 3-Day Attract Love Summit

Heal & Date Like a Boss!

If you are a 6-figure earning successful woman, join us for a transformative 3-day journey where you'll get the tools to unlock your feminine power, heal your Love Blocks®, and manifest the romance you deserve.


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If you’re a successful woman, tired of playing games, and ready to find your happily ever after, you’re in the right place. But first, let’s get one thing straight: YOU’RE the prize here. Not some guy who may or may not stick around.
Meeting a man isn’t an accomplishment. I don’t have to tell you that dating apps are filled with Build-A-Bears looking for a full-time bang maid, a second mother, and free home-cooked meals with a side of emotional support. And many ladies in relationships for the sake of “having a man” find themselves terribly unfulfilled.
So if you’re done settling for less and want a guy who will actually treat you like the radiant QUEEN you are, this Attract Love Summit, is for you!
I don’t teach ladies to date any man. I teach you how you can embrace the divine power of your feminine energy and use it to meet THE RIGHT MAN…. A caring, fun, faithful man who truly loves your soul with all his heart. Think of him as your romantic best friend.
Because THAT’s the only type of man worth aiming for. One who thinks you’re the ultimate jackpot and respects you for the fabulous lady you are. It all starts with self-love and believing you’re a magnet for the good life has to offer.

Attend the Summit

Do You Believe You Are Worthy of Love?

What is Love worth to you?


Let's make this the year you find love. Claim your spot by choosing the date and time that works for you! This Summit will not last long. Take action while you can.

Take Your First Step Toward True, Permanent Healing.

Thousands of women just like you have found the love of their lives with our state-of-the-art guidance!

Learn The Secrets To...

Attracting Your Romantic Best Friend... Like A Boss!

In just three days, you’ll learn how we help women to stop struggling in their love life and start attracting high-quality men who are eager to commit.


You’re here because you’re a dynamic, high-achieving, gorgeous lady who keeps meeting men who don’t fit your standards. I get it!



It’s time to stop hurting and level up your love life. Because you deserve a man who will:

If you’ve never had this type of man,

I understand you might feel frustrated and jaded. You might not even believe he exists—and that’s the problem right there.


 Because I promise you that meeting him is possible, and I promise he’s out there for you. Once you meet him, you’ll be so glad you didn’t quit your dating journey—we high-value ladies do NOT give up on finding love. NO MA'AM!
We are not quitters here!
The first thing you need to do is heal. You need to believe you’re WORTHY of meeting this type of man. We can only accept the type of love we think we deserve, after all. Remember this ladies: men need to be willing to earn YOUR heart and make you happy—not the other way around.

Let's make this the year you find love. Claim your spot by choosing the date and time that works for you!


Are You Looking to...

Then sign up for my next

Attract Love Summit: Heal and Date Like a Boss!

Listen to Shay explain why this Summit is for you.
As Seen On:
  • Fox 7 | Austin, TX
  • AJC: Atlanta. News. Now.
  • One TV: Represent.
  • ABC KATU 2 | Portland, OR
  • The CW | Las Vegas, NV
  • NBC 8 | Tampa, FL

What Others Are Saying

Take the First Step on Your Journey to Love

Thousands of high-value professional women just like you have found the love of their lives after this Summit.

Let's make this the year you find love. Claim your spot by choosing the date and time that works for you!

This Summit Is For You If You’ve Heard People Say…

  • “Why is a woman like YOU still single?”
  • “Are you too picky?”
  • “No guy wants to be with a strong, successful woman."
  • "You’re scary to men.”
  • “Your standards are too high.”
  • "Be more realistic, or you’ll be alone forever."
  • “Don’t you feel weird being alone all the time?”
  • “Aren’t you worried you’ll miss your window?”
  • "Maybe you just have bad luck."
  • "All guys are the same. It's not worth it."

I Like to Work With Women Who...

  • Are high-achieving, 6-figure earning, successful career women, Entrepreneurs, and C-level executives.
  • Are financially secure.
  • Have a beautiful home and amazing friends.
  • Have a great life, but not a great track record with love.
  • Spiritual-minded with good hearts.
  • Value people over things and are fun to be around.
  • Feel like someone stabbed their heart when they see a happy couple.
  • You're not willing to open your heart and mind to a new way of life and love
  • Scared they are running out of time to have a family.

Take a Look Inside


Over 20 years, I have learned that there is a science behind attraction and that changing your patterns is a matter of a few powerful moments and intention. These three days follow a science-based structure infused with love and unconditional support.

Day 1

Diagnosing Your Love Blocks®

If you find it hard to believe you deserve a man who treats you well, you're not alone. I’ve come across many beautiful successful ladies who struggle to accept even small gestures of kindness, like a $20 Applebee's meal…when in reality they deserve that and SO much more! Let's uncover what's holding you back. Recognizing a problem is the first step to solving it.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery to tackle barriers hindering your love life. Through inspiring and informative workshops, we'll tackle the deep-seated pain, trauma, insecurities, low self-esteem, and feelings of unworthiness.

Together, we'll pave the way for lasting healing and attracting fulfilling relationships. It's time to reclaim your confidence and rewrite your love story so you can get comfy letting a man court you!

  • Get clear about your Love Archetype and how it leads you to attract a certain type of love experience.
  • Understand your Love Blocks®, how they develop, where they come from, and what is required to heal them.
  • Discover the Diva Love Formula and how it increases the likelihood of attracting your dream life with your romantic best friend. 

Day 2


Discover the art of feminine seduction as we delve into the power of dressing to
impress and the secrets to captivating a man’s heart. Learn how to exude ladylike 
confidence and charm in every interaction, drawing in a partner who cherishes you
just for being your happy self.

Discover the secrets to acting with grace and authenticity, while setting relationship
goals centered around finding a guy who becomes your best friend and loves you
unconditionally. Get ready to elevate your womanly presence, clarify your dating
intentions, and attract a love that fulfills your deepest desires. The first step is
believing in the goddess that is YOU!

I'll help you understand:

  • The 6 basic human needs and why they matter.
  • What drives your decision-making and behavior.
  • Your relationship patterns and how they’ve sabotaged your journey to love.
  • How to align with the invisible laws of the universe.


Day 3


Let's raise our glasses to your incredible journey and toast to the phenomenal
woman you've blossomed into, not just through this summit, but throughout your
whole life. Prepare to leave the noncommittal dudes and Build-A-Bears behind,
and step into the future with style and sass!

As we release our Love Blocks® together, we’ll be cheering each other on, going
over sweet reminders of self-worth, and making sure you can learn to let go of
what’s holding you back. Plus, we’re going to have fun and celebrate, ladies! It’s
like setting a bunch of colorful balloons free into the sky.

After completing this summit not only will you gain a huge confidence
boost…you’ll be ready to meet a man who’s committed to loving your soul for
eternity (and receiving all the wonderful things he has to offer). Here’s to finding
your forever love! . I'll teach you how to: 

  • How to fall deeply in love with you and become the best version of yourself.
  • How to heal and increase your feminine energy.
  • The science of attraction and why dating requires a strategy instead of doing it on a wing and a prayer.

There is more, Diva... Your Complimentary Bonuses for general ticket holders include...

Attend the Summit

Do You Believe You Are Worthy of Love?

If your answer is YES, then here’s the next question – What is love worth to you?


Let's make this the year you find love. Claim your spot by choosing the date and time that works for you!

Why This Summit Has a 98% Success Rate

I'm Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister, and helping women find healthy, fulfilling relationships that last is my life's passion.
Need proof?

  • I have helped thousands of women around the world
  • I am trained, certified and have a documented track record of success
  • My Love Mastery agency has a 98% success rate in helping women
  • I am the go-to Love Strategist to boss women.
  • I have been voted one of the Top 5 love coaches in the world

Still Unsure?

I’m Bringing Receipts. Hear what these Divas have to say. 

  • "I took the leap of faith and it was the best decision I've ever made...Thank you for leaning into your calling and helping me heal and helping all of the women heal because you've changed my entire life for the better."

    - Skye L, I.T. Specialist for a Sports Betting Company

  • "And at the end of the day, your peace, there's no price tag on your peace, healing your trauma. There's no price tag on healing your trauma and money comes and goes. I'm worth it."

    - Sheema R, Executive & VP

  • "She [Shay] literally let me connect with my inner self, the real self, the person that I always knew that I was inside of me. And I am so grateful that I got to see the queen that I am."

    - Ariadna G, Ms Columbia, Model, & Actress

  • "I began to question my ability to, to choose the right man... And I felt I needed to heal from all the trauma that I experienced in my love life. I can't thank Shay enough."

    - Deirdra C, Speaker & Author

  • "I knew that something had to change and the more I listen, the more she spoke, the more I realized that she knew what she was talking about and she had, she really did have the formula to make a difference."

    - Tiffany P, Owner of an Accounting Agency

5 stars

"Participating in the 'Attract Love Summit: Heal and Date Like a Boss!' was an absolute game-changer for me. Shay Levister's insights and techniques opened my eyes to a new world of love possibilities. Within weeks, I saw a remarkable shift in my dating life, and I'm now in a deeply fulfilling relationship with an incredible man. This Summit is a true catalyst for lasting love!"

- Tameka R., Tampa, FL
5 stars

"I can't thank Shay enough for creating the 'Attract Love Summit: Heal and Date Like a Boss!' It's not just about attracting love; it's about transforming your entire approach to relationships. I went from feeling stuck and lonely to radiating confidence and magnetism. The results were astonishing—I met my soulmate within the Summit's timeframe, and we're now building a beautiful future together."

- Wendy T., Los Angeles, CA
5 stars

"Attract Love Summit: Heal and Date Like a Boss!" was a revelation. Shay's wisdom and guidance helped me understand my own desires and how to communicate them effectively. I finally broke free from unhealthy dating patterns and found the love I truly deserve. If you're ready for a profound shift in your love life, don't hesitate to attend this Summit!"

- Jennifer V. , New York, NY

Attend the Summit

Do You Believe You Are Worthy of Love?

If your answer is YES, then here’s the next question – What is love worth to you?


This Summit Will...

  • Increase your feminine energy

    Build the aura of the irresistible divine feminine energy around you. Amplify your feminine charm and make men eager to approach you. Otherwise, you will repeat the same cycle of disappointing guys, ghosting, abuse, hurt, and pain.

  • Create your divine feminine circle

    Female friendships are therapeutic. They rejuvenate and empower you in a world where everything is designed to drain you. With this Summit, you will be welcomed into our Telegram community of women who are smart, successful, and on the same journey as you.

  • Understand the secret of attraction

    Why are some women worshipped by men and others not? Attraction is a science. It can be learned and applied with the same results. You will learn dating techniques that effortlessly draw men to you and supercharge your seduction skills.

  • Don’t make the same dating mistakes again

    If you do the same things, you’ll get the same results. Change how you have been dating. There are good men out there waiting to be your soulmate. All you need is to evolve your dating techniques.

  • Start attracting better men

    We will stop your pattern of repeatedly attracting men who ultimately break your heart or who don’t make your heart flutter with joy. You are a high-quality woman and you can start attracting high-quality men. It’s possible and fun.

  • manifest-icon

    Manifest the man of your dreams

    Your dream man is out there, and he is ready to cherish and value you for you. When you understand the laws of attraction and how to use your feminine energy, both your professional and love lives will change forever.

We start monday!

Who is Shay?

Meet Your Love Diva

Voted One of the Top 5 Love Coaches in the World

Attend the Summit

Do You Believe You Are Worthy of Love?

If your answer is YES, then here’s the next question – What is love worth to you?


Let's make this the year you find love. Claim your spot by choosing the date and time that works for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren't listed below, feel free to email us at support@ShayBetter.com
Who is this class for?
This class is tailored for a diverse range of individuals, including:
  • Alpha women with type A, take-charge personalities who own thier own business and often operate in their masculine energy.
  • Highly successful women who are often in leadership positions and  have achieved greatness in various aspects of life but are still seeking love.
  • Smart, independent women who find themselves chronically single and are ready to change their romantic trajectory.
Who is this class not for?
  • NO MA'AM QUEENS - Women with a negative, bitter, or jaded outlook on love and relationships.
  • NOT YET MA'AMs - Women who are struggling financially and are unable to invest in themselves or their healing.
  • ​FREE NO MA'AMs - Women who want a life of abundance and healthy love but want it free. This is energetically out of order!
  • NO MA'AM SPRINKLES - Women seeking a sugar daddy as a financial solution for their personal challenges.
  • NO MA'AM COLLECTORS - Those who collect relationship advice but never take action and stay stuck in life and love.
  • ​NO MA'AMs - Individuals who are curious about love but not fully committed to their journey. If you are just curious about dating but not serious about attracting your romantic best friend, please don't waste your money or our time. 
How is this different than your courses or free content on offers?

While I provide an array of valuable, empowering content, I'm thrilled to introduce a virtual transformational experience for those ready to start their journey to love and don't know what is blocking them from the love they seek. I provide invaluable information found nowhere else to help you start your journey to love without feeling as though you are dating in the dark.  Drawing upon my extensive dating experiment and years of meticulous research, this Summit signifies a groundbreaking moment in my journey where I share my secret formula based on science for successfully helping thousands of women attract love in the most simple formula in the shortest time possible. It's the very first time I've made this transformative experience available both in a virtual setting and so many women have already benefited from this Attract Love Summit: Heal and Date Like a Boss!

Are the Summit classes live?

To accommodate the busy schedule of the women we serve, we created a structure that allows you to choose between a daytime and evening option to join the prerecorded classes. 

How does the 3-day Summit work?

The Summit training will run twice a day, Every Monday- Wednesday depending on which date and time you select.

For the best results, you are encouraged to complete the HW given by the end of the day you watched the Summit.

Will I get access to the recordings?

Yes, access to recording will be available for 24 hours.

What is the refund policy?

We do not support any option to sabotage yourself.   All of our programs are designed to support women in choosing themselves and achieving the ultimate life and love transformation. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS! Only participate in this Summit if you are serious about healing what is blocking you from attracting love and desire to ultimately meet your romantic best friend.